Tuesday, November 18, 2008

knitting in limbo

even though I have a ton of knitting to do in the next month I haven't knitted a thing since last Wednesday. Mouth pain. Yep still hurts. Not tons, but enough to be annoyingly hurting all the effing time. They put some sort of bandage on it, feels like mosquito netting, that is kinda coming off but not all the way, so that the still sticking part keeps pulling at the part it's sticking to which I think is the incision. DH says my breath is HORRIBLE, probably because it looks like all kinds of gunk (food, blood, infection?) is stuck to the mosquito netting stuff. If I ever need this again, they'll have a hard time talking me in to it.

Lion Brand is starting a KAL for a sweater I'd love to knit, so of course I had to buy 'the' yarn. On sale though, at Joann's. DH is going to have a fit when it arrives though.

Going through some old pics, found this from 1969, would have probably been around mine and Jeff's birthday, (he's 3 years and 1 day younger than I). Long legs and dorky haircut, nothing much changed in 39 years!

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