Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm thankful to have a job - most of the time.

Be careful what you wish for -- my company laid off around 10% (just shy) a week and a half ago. Wait, I think I wrote about that already. Anyway, somehow I'm supposed to roll out 40 computers between now and Christmas. Let's review shall we; tomorrow the opthomologist, so I'll only have the morning. Thursday planned (like for 2 or 3 weeks now) lunch with 'the girls' from my department (IT, so not a lot of girls!) Friday the department party - in house lunch - supposed to be an hour but we'll see how that goes. Next Tuesday is the department I support's holiday lunch, and next Wednesday is half day. So I'm figuring that gives me about 44 hours. Guess I can do it if I ignore everything else. Yeah, good luck with that. I could blow off the three lunches (but I don't wanna!). So guess I'm working late between now and Christmas. Happy bleeping Holidays.

On a positive note, it'll be bleeping done, and not hanging over my head any more. Wait, maybe their rushing me so they can lay me off in the next round. Oh, screw it, I'm not gonna think about it anymore. I do wish management would roll out a couple of these, just to see what we go through. I've had folks want me to move the icons on their desktops because they "think it used to be over there" (we copy their old desktops, so they're probably wrong. Although I do clean up old-no-longer-of-use icons, so gotta give them the benefit of the doubt). Something is always missing, a printer, a shortcut, they don't know their password(s) to this website service or that. They hate the new monitors, or they love the new monitors, but can I make everything fit it better? Please recreate my quote screen so that it's purple instead of blue. Alot of "hey, as long as you're here, been meanng to ask you...." Why is my e-mail so slow. Why do I have to get rid of the e-mails with jokes or the pics of the grandkids, can't you just increase my server space? I bet I get 50% you-got-to-be-kidding-me questions and requests. Oh well, pays the mortgage, right?

DH wants me to apply at the nearby hosiptal, there's always sick people right? I'm worried that I won't be able to get a M-F only job at a hospital. Guess it won't kill me to send 'em a resume. Didn't I say something yesterday about getting out of this funk? Not doing so well so far...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec 14

Damn, I frittered the weekend away. DH and I are both in snits, so we're barely talking and trying to be in different parts of the house. I did make dinner both nights this weekend -- I usually cook enough on Saturday to feed us on Sunday -- although I burnt last night's meal. Should of put the pork chops with sauerkraut and apples in the oven, but no, I decide to save a dish and leave it on the stove top. And it was in a Corian Visions skillet -- I could of put it in the oven, but made the stupid mistake anyway!

A couple posts ago I was so darn excited to get rid of old computer equipment. Yet, lo and behold, I missed the dag nab UPS that died this summer. DH is planning on dropping in the dumpster at work, which I regret -- land fill and all that. But hey, we don't buy bottled water, and never used a disposable diaper, so I'm feeling entitled to a bit of the land fill.

Didn't win the 207MM mega millions, which was a disappointment. We don't buy many tickets, usually only on Fridays, and only $5 for all three lotto type lotteries in Illinois. If the jackpot gets up there we'll throw in a couple more bucks. I'm kind of on the fence, if we don't buy any tickets we'll never win, but we never win anyway, should we save the $5? Heck it's only $5, right? Just a little bit more than a Venti Eggnog Latte at Starbucks, which I'm seriously addicted to. Good thing they only have it in November and December! I wanted Matty to win Survivor. Heck, this whole weekend's been one disappointment after another. Gotta get out of this funk.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll never get em done before Christmas

Who am I kidding? Christmas is what, like next week? Wait, ok maybe the week after. Whatever, I'd need to take 3 days off work to get the nieces and nephews knitting done. Where does the time go? Oh, I know where. 2 weekends spent painting bedrooms. Working late many nights. Sleeping instead of knitting on the train. Running around doing errands. Life keeps interferring with knitting, darn it!

The company I work for laid off around 10% last Thursday. I'm still gainfully employed. This is the 5th layoff I've been through, one of which I was part of the 20% let go. The pins and needles are the worst. Waiting for the phone call, the ax to fall. Convincing yourself you'll be one of those laid off, then talking yourself in to why you won't be. Loosing sleep, not to mention productivity. It's kinda hard to be motivated when you think there's a possibility of a pink slip in your future. Then there's the whole We-feel-sorry-for-those-laid-off -- but-thank-God-it-wasn't-us water cooler conversations. Tough times for all I know, but it's my blog and I can b*tch if I want too.

Someone 'sides me is reading this blog! My cousin-in-law mentioned it in her Christmas card. Shoot, Christmas Cards, gotta get to those...