Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll never get em done before Christmas

Who am I kidding? Christmas is what, like next week? Wait, ok maybe the week after. Whatever, I'd need to take 3 days off work to get the nieces and nephews knitting done. Where does the time go? Oh, I know where. 2 weekends spent painting bedrooms. Working late many nights. Sleeping instead of knitting on the train. Running around doing errands. Life keeps interferring with knitting, darn it!

The company I work for laid off around 10% last Thursday. I'm still gainfully employed. This is the 5th layoff I've been through, one of which I was part of the 20% let go. The pins and needles are the worst. Waiting for the phone call, the ax to fall. Convincing yourself you'll be one of those laid off, then talking yourself in to why you won't be. Loosing sleep, not to mention productivity. It's kinda hard to be motivated when you think there's a possibility of a pink slip in your future. Then there's the whole We-feel-sorry-for-those-laid-off -- but-thank-God-it-wasn't-us water cooler conversations. Tough times for all I know, but it's my blog and I can b*tch if I want too.

Someone 'sides me is reading this blog! My cousin-in-law mentioned it in her Christmas card. Shoot, Christmas Cards, gotta get to those...

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