Monday, November 10, 2008


I keep screwing up the Truck pullover for Gavin. If you think cableing (sp?) is hard, uncableing (sp?) is twice as bad. Friday I totally skipped the decrease part, so had to ravel 2 rows. Today I missed one lousy purl (I'm blaming Metra, the lights kept going off on the train) and had to ravel back through 5 cables. At this rate, the kids will get their Christmas gifts for Valentines day.

I'm in the middle, actually the start, of new computer rollouts at work. Today 2 things happened that pissed me off. My boss wants me to rollout a computer to the biggest whiner in the department, I wanted to make him last out of principle! And... there's an application update that has to go out now, of course after the majority of the 78 machines I'm rolling out are built. So each one won't be done after plug-in, they'll all have to be updated. (again) What a pain in the butt. I don't have time for this. I can't work late tomorrow or Thursday, tomorrow's haircuts, Thursday I'm having a tooth removed - surgically. Dentist swears I can go back to work Friday, good thing cause I'm out of days for the year, I think. I may have one left, but don't want to waste it on toothy problems! Next week I've scheduled a presentation for the department I support on how to manage your contacts, and I don't have a quarter of the presentation done. Ugh. How do I get in to these messes?

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