Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finally the *%$?# election is over

Didn't think it would ever end. I went in to the booth pretty sure I was voting for Obama, but changed my mind at the last second and voted for 'the other guy'. As I live in Illinois, it's a wasted vote anyway (gotta hate that electoral college thing sometimes). Not crazy about Obama's socialist ideas, but do think he has a better chance at making some changes than McCain had. Whether the changes are good or bad...

And FINALLY finished Emily's sweater (green) a month after her birthday! Started Gavin's (truck pullover w/cables). My first experience with cabling, didn't start out too good, but by the second round I think I got it. Took me about 3 hours to undo a mistake cause I couldn't unravel the cables right. Almost frogged to the ribbing, but I persevered, probably to the detriment of the acrylic yarn!

I'm dying to knit the weekend pullover (Interweave Knits - pic below) for me. Gotta get all the gift stuff done first. 4 little kid sweaters, a pair of mittens as a thank you for a co-worker who did something nice for me (I was b*tching that I couldn't find egg rings anywhere and would have to buy online and pay shipping, she came in the next Monday with a set of 2, wasn't that sweet?). Figuring on a scarf and hat set for Kenny, the 2 baby gifts for the 2 co-workers that are preggers. Plus DH requested a new hat. Crap, I'll be lucky to get to knitting for me by Easter.

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