Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I hate when I'm stupid. Happens time and time again. Think I'd learn. Anyway, my habitual procrastination comes 'round to bite me in the arse - again.

First I was stupid by purchasing the wrong modem at Wal*Mart on July 28. I knew almost the second I opened it, shoulda bought the wireless router, not the cable modem (replacing cause I had no internet). And I'm a supposed to be a computer geek, that's what I get paid to do anyway. Made the first stupid decision based on the lights on the front of the modem, the wireless seemed ok (lights wise), but the cable modem wasn't. Duh, because it wasn't getting anything from the wireless!

Anyway, kept meaning to return it, but worked late some nights, then went on a two week vacation, so finally heading in that direction anyway, (a Costco run) we stop by Wal*Mart to return it, well within the typical 90 days (57 days). Guess what, (you regular Wal*Marters may already know this), electronics have a 45 day return policy. WTF? Looking on eBay, heck I paid way to much for it, be lucky if I get half what I paid. Hells Bells. Still need a new wireless router too. Damn...

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