Monday, October 6, 2008

OMG, I really have a lot of yarn

My husband would kill me if he really knew how much. I have it stashed in drawers, closests, plastic bins in the crawl space and plastic bags in the dining room. I didn't really realize it was so bad until I joined Ravelry and started inventorying. I hardly ever buy yarn without a particular project in mind (but there are a couple...) So I have enough for probably 30 sweaters. OMG! Am stopping now! WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE until everything's knitted! (yeah, right). Incentive, anyway. Must get knitting. Problem is I keep knitting for nieces and nephew, or for friends and co-workers who are having babies. Really eats in to the knitting for me time.

On the needles: Just finished Monica for Bella, and started Eyelet Cardigan for Emily. Then wil do the Precious Hearts Cardigans for Bella, Emily and Bethany, and the Truck Pullover for Gavin -- all xmas presents for nieces and nephew. Then the Baby Uggs and Baby Yeti for 2 women (sisters!) at work having babies, February and March respectively. THEN I can knit for me!

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