Thursday, September 18, 2008


Gotta give credit to an old boss for coolngroovy. Well she's not old, but rather a former boss. Wendy Gildemeister (Hi Wendy, if you ever Google your name) used to say it all the time. I picked it up, heck gotta be around 18 years ago, and still say it to this day. Drives DH buggy, but still can't stop saying it. I'm also inordinately fond of okey-dokey-smokey. Even I think that's lame, but still say it, it just pops out. I have a reputation for saying it like it is (The World according to me...). Another former boss said just those words one time in a meeting, I still remember it: "you can always count on Janet to say it like it is". I'd make a lousy politician, or a good one depending on your point of view.

Writing of politicians.... I was on the fence until Sarah came along. I usually lean Republican anyway, but I did (to my everlasting chagrin) vote for Billy-boy both terms. I'm an anti-death Republican, I think murder is murder, whether by gunshot, by lethal injection or vacuuming of a uterus. Was considering Obama, but what decided it for me, so far anyway, is the vice-presidential candidates. I know Obama had to pick someone experienced to counteract the no-experience comments, but Biden is a career politician, watching him on the Sunday morning news shows, his mouth moves and sound comes out, but he doesn't actually say anything. Or nothing definitive anyway. Sarah may not be much better, but she seems like she knows what it's like to stretch things to the next paycheck. She seems like a real person, you know?

Hilliary was born with a silver spoon, and just added to them along the way. Whenever she said "we" I cringed, we're so far apart in sensibilities, the only thing we have in common is we're women. Not enough to base my vote on, sorry. Obama may have had some hardship when he was young, but Harvard Law, etc., etc. kinda makes me think we don't have much in common. McCain and Biden both fall in to the career politician category, and I don't understand how either of them can preach change. I know that it's the nature of the beast, democracy requires elected officials, elected officials begets politicians, politicians begets deal makers. But I can see Sarah shaking things up. Just the fact of her being a women, she couldn't coast like Cheney, the press wouldn't let her. Whether the shakeup would be good or bad, I don't know, but definitely different! OK, that's my two cents, nobody's reading this but me anyway.

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