Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I'm knitting / knit

BTW my ravelry ID is janetcc.

I'm sinfully proud of my first completed adult sweater -- the Lace Trimmed tank from the cover of the Summer 08 Creative Knitting. I've knit lots of baby stuff (gifts), a purse, couple hats, and started adult sweaters. But I always screwed up something and put it aside and never finished. Not this time, Ta-Da! Knit in Rowan Summer Tweed - color is Rush, kinda a sagey green. It's a size M, even though I wear a size 18 store bought. I knit BIG:

It started out as an old tee pattern from the 80's:

But when I got a bit farther than the pic below I discovered it was WAY too big, almost 53" inches. As mentioned above, I knit BIG. So now I'm taking a boxy cardi pattern and improvising, using the lace trim pattern in Rush on the bottom, and Oatmeal for the top. When finished I'll have a Twin Set!

But first I have to finish 3 verisons of Monica for three neices in Florida, ages 5, 3, and 1. Knitting in round with i-cord tie straps and shortening the ruffles width and length, no ruffles under the arms. Using TLC Cotton Plus so their mom's can machine wash 'em.

Then I have to finish this Lion Brand Shawl for a friend who needs it for her Harvest Ball.

THEN I'll finally get to finish a sweater I started when I first learned to knit, like 8 years ago. It's from a Mary Maxim kit "Autumn Leaves Cardigan", acrylic yarn, but I love the yarn, recommend it highly. Very soft, splits like acrylic, but if you're careful it's great, lots better than Red Heart or Caron in my opinion. Teal's my favorite color, fall's my favorite season, should end up a favorite sweater, no? I quit it when I messed up the intarsia leaves, I carried the MC too tightly. But I recently frogged it and ready to start it again.

I have enough yarn for about 25 projects (an addiction, put yarn on sale and I'll buy it). Gonna make this -- A Sirdar Safari pattern, but using Bernat Soft Boucle in Rosewood.

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