Tuesday, September 16, 2008

day 2...

We're (DH and I) creatures of habit. We grocery shop on Thursdays. All year, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas if it falls on a Thursday. We don't cook during the week, I cook on the weekends, usually leftovers last through Tuesday, we can-soup or snack on Wednesday, buy something quick at the grocery store on Thursday and more often than not fast-food it (in our defense, usually Subway) on Fridays. Monday we wash towels, Tuesday extras like sheets, Wednesday colors, Thursday whites. I take the same train in to Chicago everyday, and usually the same time train home every night. In 30 years (almost, next February) I've missed the train ONCE! If I'm late it's because the train was late. We both take every minute of vacation they give us. Also, in 24 years of marriage we have NEVER left the house with the bed unmade. I used to hate being a creature of habit, it's DH that's more regimented, I'm a whatever kind of person, but either I've grown to see the advantages, or just don't mind it anymore.

I work as a computer support person for a department in a financial services firm. I support around 120 people. OK job, pays the bills. Hate the commute, about 1½ hours each way door to door. Oh well, train time = knitting time! Better job than most - most of the time anyway. Pays decent, benefits decent, hours usually great. Sometimes I wish I was more important, and other times I'm very glad I'm not. I used to be ambitious, but not anymore. Maybe if I had a job I LOVED, and didn't just tolerate. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the job, blessed that I have one, but would rather be home. I'd love the time to cook and clean and craft and read, instead of doing it all on the weekends. I get home early enough to do some stuff, but not early enough to enjoy it. Fun stuff seems like another JOB during the weekdays!

I love to knit. Relatively new to it, and slow, but love it. I have way too much yarn for the speed at which I knit, but can't seem to help myself. I love to read, fiction mostly but enjoying some non-fiction - more as I get older. I like to cook and bake, but hate the dishes. I like to sew, but not very good at it yet. I don't watch a lot of TV, (commercials drive me buggy after awhile) but I like Sci-Fi channel shows, I like Lost, The Big Bang. We don't subscribe to movie channels so don't watch any of the popular HBO or Showtime shows. I like Monk and Closer but forget to watch them most of the time. Like the home improvement shows. We used to go to movies fairly often, but were disappointed so many times - "not worth the money" usually our reviews - so we rarely go now. Last time I went to the movie theatre was for The Return of the King.

We're a childless couple. Didn't plan it that way, just didn't happen and neither of us felt strongly enough to do something about it. Regret it now, but oh well. Pet less too, although not my choice. I'd love a couple dogs and a cat. Willing to take a Zyrtec everyday even. Again, DH rules, he wants to wait until he retires and home all day. DH sounds like a tyrant, but he isn't really. Just hard to compromise stuff (can't get half a dog) he usually wins. I want a little bit of fluff dog, he wants a lab. I think there's a possibility we'll both get what we want, just have to wait the 8 years until DH retires!

In a perfect world, I'd cook for the whole week on the weekend, keep my house cleaner than I do, and get rid of all the STUFF I've accumulated over the last 24 years. That's my fall project. I'm going to eBay or Salvation Army TONS OF STUFF. Tired of moving it to dust around it, tired of reorganizing it all the time, heck tired of looking at it. How'd I get all this stuff? DH says we're at a point where we don't own stuff, it owns us.

We're soon to be mortgage free, so what are we going to do? What every red-blooded American does when they have the extra $ -- remodel! Really need it, house is 22 years old. Kitchen needs new floor, counters, sink. Family room needs new carpeting. Living and Dining we're leaning towards replacing carpet with hardwood. Need to repair and replace landscaping too. We plan on painting entire house this winter, wish us luck -- if ever there was a cause of divorce procedings -- painting for days on end is it!

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