Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoying a 4-day weekend, I took yesterday off. The plan was mammogram at 9am, then clean the house. In actuality - mammogram at 9:10 (forgot the script, had to go back home to get it), back home for a few minutes, then a run to Wal*Mart and Costco. Then I made the mistake of checking e-mail at work. Ended up getting nothing done housecleaning wise. New plan, get up this morning and clean.

showewr In actuality DH needed help with re-grouting the shower. He's been painstakingly (next time, not that there ever will be a next time, we'll tear out and re-do, trust me it's easier) removing the grout we screwed up when we redid the shower 10 years ago. Re-grouting was too big a job for him alone, but a pain to do together in such a small area. We ain't exactly toothpicks, you know! Started at 10 and barely made it to Mass at 4. Bonus - ordering out pizza!

Getting there with Emily's CHRISTMAS gift cardigan. Going to be an Easter cardigan now, which kinda fits, it's pastel colors. Found a cute cotton print on eBay to make a skirt to go with it. emily021409

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