Wednesday, May 20, 2009

... paved with good intentions

keep meaning to post, but never actually do. If H-E-double toothpicks should freeze over this weekend, it isn't because the Cubs won the World Series (seriously, that's a strong possibility). But due to my father, brother and I being in the same room for the first time since 1978. Like most families we had some disfunctional times, drifted apart, rarely spoke, then little by little we joined up again. I don't think my father and I have the typical father-daughter relationship, but it's good. Trouble free anyway. He and my stepmom are coming up for a long weekend visit, and we're all meeting at our Michigan place on Saturday. Cool 'n groovy.

Knitting: did lots with very little to show for it. Made another checkerboard baby blanket EvansBabyBlocks1. Made a baby hat and baby socks TrishNN(my first, and not nearly as scary as I thought). Never finished the niece's (3) cardigans, or the nephew's pullover. Got selfish knitting for everybody else so now have 2 sweaters on the needles for me, and another planned. Seriously in the MYTICKIML (more yarn than I can knit in my lifetime) category, but there's so many cool things to knit! Just ordered some sinfully expensive (but on sale - clearance, only one color left) cashmere. Cashmere! Enough for a sweater! As I write this I'm eyeing a stole on -- reminds me of the mexican stripes shawls.

Working on 82114-b which is an embroidered cardigan. I'm using Elann Bamboo fusion which is super splitty but super soft and drapey. Bought enough of the embroidery colors to make a striped tank to go underneath the cardigan.

Also working on FridaYarn "Frida's Sunshine". Using TLC Cotton plus and knitting in size medium. Having the hardest time with the 12 row zigzag pattern, keep finding mistakes 2 or 3 rows back. Knitted the same darn rows 5 times already.

Work's been crazy busy lately. We changed to a new quote system in my department, between that and the layoffs (less workers, but not less work) I've been hopping.

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