Sunday, February 1, 2009

great day

this was one of those "I'm so happy I married this man" days. We decided to drive up to michigan to make sure the cottage was ok. OK, he had to make sure - he's weird like that - and I went along for the ride. Knitted almost the entire car ride up and back, finished one baby ugg, and halfway through the other. Anyways, it was just a cool day. We got along all day, laughed a lot, ate dinner out on the way home (Texas Roadhouse, I had the pulled pork dinner with their absolutely wonderful mashed potatoes. I'd go there for the mashed potatoes and dinner rolls alone.) We walked across the ice, snow on the lake was mostly 2-4", it's about a 4 block walk to the island. Drifts on the island were pretty big, over my knees in places. You get pretty darn tired walking in drifts over your knees pretty darn quick! This was one of those keeper days, wish they were all like this. Baby Uggs picture is the first set that I already gifted to one mom-to-be, working on the second for obviously the second mom-to-be.

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