Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Uggs

I'm just finishing the second set of Baby Uggs - they're so cute! Anyway, on the second set instead of knitting stockinette and seaming the bottom and back, after the toe section is knitted I decided to knit the ankle section on DPNs in the round. Only my second time knitting with DPNs but since I want to knit socks, I needed the practice. Went pretty well. Used the KnitPicks 6" size 3, separated the 35 stitches between 3 needles. Did something today that I hope everyone has done at least once on DPNs; when I went to take the empty needle and start the next section, I grabbed the wrong needle and pulled it out of all the stitches. PANIC! but it was ok, I did drop one stitch, but picked it up again pretty easily. That's one part of my knitting that is improving - recognizing when I screw up and being able to fix it without starting over!

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