Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ya gotta get one of these!

Today DH drove me out to Bolingbrook to Bass Pro Shops. Ho boy, ain't that a big place. It's like a small town. I don't fish, hunt, or camp and only boat under extreme circumstances (nobody else around to drive). I can fish or camp but choose not to. So why would I ask DH to chauffeur me to a fish, camp, boat, hunt store? For this:

It's a worm binder - made to hold plastic and even live fishing bait and lures. Read somewhere that it makes a great knitting needle organizer. Know what? It totally does. Totally ROCKS. Worth every penny. I bought the double, it's two sided. Multiple clear plastic zippered pockets and 10 Ziploc like pockets in each zippered compartment.

I used the label maker to make labels for the Ziploc-y bags(ex: 5mm sz 8) and put the labels on the inside of them. I knew that label maker would come in handy for more than labeling Video/Audio cables!

I went from this: Knit Picks interchangeable needle set, Knit Picks DPNs and a couple circulars, a few Addi Turbos, all the needles I inherited from my MIL - DPNs and circulars (thanks Mom), a Boye interchangeable set, stitch holders, stitch markers, point protectors, bobbins, a measuring tape,: two needle gauges, and tapestry needles. That purple and white monstrosity on the top right was my attempt at creating (copying) the "Circular Solution" where there's a strip of fabric that hangs from a clothes hanger, with labeled pockets that you slip the circulars through. The actual one is made from cotton duck, I used plain ole quilting cotton -- without interfacing or batting -- cause I'm stupid. It ended up as you see, a mass of wires and needles that managed to tangle, even with their respective rather droopy pockets.

To this and it ALL FIT:

I even got my 17, 19 and 35 sized circulars in there! I have no idea how I ended up with so many row counters. Didn't even know I had that many until I emptied out all my various knitting paraphernalia.

Still haven't finished the nieces and nephew x-mas sweaters, guess they're going to be Easter sweaters! Right now finishing up a pair of baby uggs for a shower at work Thursday. The yarn, Berroco Suede really feels and looks like suede, and with the Berroco Plush mimicking sheep fleece, well they're just the cutest things, really look like Uggs.

DH's hours got cut to 32 (4 days a week). We're happy he still has a job. Course this is after I went on a major yarn buying spree. Gotta stay out of the online yarn shops when I'm in a funk. Out of the funk, but now I have to pay for it all (and sneak it in to the house). Good thing DH doesn't read the blog. Don't tell him, ok? Marital discourse would surely transpire.

He'd currently removing the grout from our shower. We retiled it around 10 years ago, but did a lousy job on the grout, removing too much in the sponging off stage, to where the terra cotta sides of the tiles showed in places. And the caulking wasn't very even, ended up with pockets where moisture got in, and mildew started. So today we also went to Home Depot and bought a Dremel tool and grout removing bits. Even with the Dremel it's slow going, we're going to be using the guest bath for awhile! (Counting blessings, thank you Lord, that we even have a guest bath).

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