Saturday, November 28, 2009

OMG(oodness), has it really been 6+ months?

Sure has, damn I'm a lazy SOB.

Lets see: knitting: A cardigan for me, which was kinda my own design, well I took the lace part from the tank I made last year, and knitted it up sort of like a cardigan pattern I got from Lion Brand's website. A knit/sewn combo dress for Bella, a scarf for me and another on the needles. My first pair of socks (another on the needles), a sweater for Gavin (needs to be sewn up), about 50% of a sweater for Bella - both Christmas presents. Re knitted my knitting bag, the acrylic I first made it out of didn't hold up. Got to make: hat for DH, baby sweater for co-worker who's preggers, another set of baby uggs for another coworker who practically begged, scarf for my train mate (another asked for project, how can I turn someone down who asks me to knit?)

Sewing: Made DH a bath robe, out of valour(sp?). Man that stuff is hard to work with. Thank you Lord, that I have a serger. Made it WAAAAYYY too big, but he's a trooper and is living with it. Made some table toppers and runners, some craft panel vests (which I'm not that crazy about now that they're done, but they look good on the hanger). Made a calendar quilt I'm rather proud of, and a baby quilt - but both need the binding finished up. Made a table runner for a co-worker who just bought a house. She's enamoured with the Amish, and I immediately thought of her for the pattern "Almost Amish".

I either have a fiber addiction or a shopping addiction, cause I have entirely too much fabric and yarn. And yes, I keep buying more. I see something that's so neat/cute/adorable and MUST BUY THE YARN NOW, cause you know, they'll discontinue it before I get to knitting it. I recently bought a used Ultimate Sweater Machine from a Raveler, hopefully it'll help with the stockinette projects.

I spent the last two weekends cataloging all the damn fabric I bought - cheap, but still - for when I lose the weight and need a whole new wardrobe, donchaknow. Yeah, don't hold your breath. But my living/dining room almost look like living and dining rooms again, you can see the furniture at least, and we can vacuum it again.

Got me one of dem dere Kindles this summer. Way too easy to buy books now, but also way too easy to read 'em. I've been, the last couple years or so, reading multiple books at a time, one by the TV, one at the kitchen table, one on the train... This makes it so simple to switcharoo. It keeps track of where you're at too, no more lost little pieces of paper (even though I own like a dozen bookmarks). I've read about 40 books since I bought the Kindle, some of them freebies and cheapies (yeah, I still read Harlequin types, so sue me). A co-worker loaned me Twilight last week. Brace yourselves, I wasn't crazy about it. I know, I'm a traiter to my gender or something, but just didn't get what all the hoopla was about. Read it in about 3 hours too, geez the typeset was at 5th grade level or something.

Oh, and the family did get together, albiet a week or two later (long story).

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